23-yr-old Gurugram woman gangraped by 4 in Rajasthan’s Dausa

23-year-old woman, who hails from NCR’s Gurugram, was allegedly gangraped in Rajasthan’s Dausa district.

The woman had arrived in Jaipur to meet a female friend of hers with whom she had been staying for two days.

On Sunday, the boyfriend of the woman’s female friend arrived in Jaipur. The victim, as per information, accompanied her friend’s boyfriend to Dausa. The man had two other accomplices with him.

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In Dausa, the accused, as per the complainant, gave alcohol to her to drink. The three accused were then joined by another person. The four of them allegedly took turns raping her.

The Gurugram woman was allegedly thrashed as well by the accused.

Police personnel from Kotwali police station had arrived at the alleged crime scene and the woman was taken to the district hospital. A medical examination of the woman has been conducted.

The police, on the basis of the statement given by the complainant, have registered a case of gangrape and have taken the complainant to the alleged scene of the crime.

Different police teams have been formed to nab the accused in the case. The police have also sent a team to Jaipur to interrogate the complainant’s female friend in a bid to nab the accused at the earliest.

The police stated that the complainant was not kidnapped in Jaipur.

“Accused will be soon arrested,” Anil Beniwal, Superintendent of Police, Dausa, said.

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