Agra: Woman gang-raped in front of husband, looted by three men

A married couple was travelling on a bike in Agra on Monday evening when three young men allegedly blocked their way, beat them and gang-raped the woman in front of her husband. The perpetrators made a video of the incident and looted the couple before escaping, according to the couple’s account.

The woman has filed a police complaint and recorded her statement at Agra’s Etmaddulah police station. The police have filed a case based on her statement and a team has been formed to search for the accused, according to Superintendent of Police Satyajit Gupta.

The woman has been sent for a medical check-up.

The incident took place around 6 pm on Monday. The couple was on their way to the woman’s parents’ home in Etmaddulah when they were allegedly attacked by the men and forcefully dragged into the bushes. The perpetrators stole Rs 10,000, a pair of earrings and some accessories.

The couple first registered their complaint at 2 pm on Tuesday. The police have been investigating the case ever since.

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I am a professional martial artist who wants to make India crime free. I will be analysing crime happening in India and how we can stop them from happening. We will be trying to understand the mindset of criminals and how we can stop being a victim.

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